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Domestic Assault Attorneys in Clarksville, Tennessee

Domestic assault is a special designation of an assault, which involves one of the following “victims” known to the person arrested:

As used in this section, “domestic abuse victim” means any person who falls within the following categories:

  • Adults or minors who are current or former spouses;

  • Adults or minors who live together or who have lived together;

  • Adults or minors who are dating, who have dated, or who have or had a sexual relationship, but does not include fraternization between two (2) individuals in a business or social context;

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  • Adults or minors related by blood or adoption;

  • Adults or minors who are related or were formerly related by marriage; or

  • Adult or minor children of a person in a relationship that is described more specifically in the statute.

Further, Federal Law greatly enhances the criminal penalty for any person convicted of domestic assault subsequently found to be in possession of a firearm. A domestic assault statute can be devastating. It can affect work status, they can affect the ability to obtain licenses, and, a conviction bars forever, the individual convicted from owning a firearm.

There are many options available to an individual charged with domestic assault. The best first step is to find and retain an attorney who is experienced in the domestic assault area.