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Car Accidents Attorneys in Clarksville, Tennessee

Automobile accidents are handled on a contingency basis, with a “no recovery, no fee promise” in every case. We are paid only when you are paid.

An automobile accident involves the intersection of laws dealing with driving vehicles, negotiation with insurance companies, negotiations with health insurance companies and other medical providers. Many times, automobile accidents result in injured parties having to deal with their own insurance company, through uninsured motorist coverage, to seek compensation that they deserve.

Many times, insurance is not sufficient to pay bills. In those cases, you must have an experienced representative working on your behalf. Olson & Olson, PLC has handled numerous automobile accidents successfully resulting in the recovery of much-needed money for our clients. In addition to dealing with the other driver, and the other driver’s insurance company, we are frequently forced to negotiate with our own clients' insurance companies to maximize the recovery available due to underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. This area of the law is complicated and is one that our clients are cannot handle alone. Contact our Clarksville, Tennessee, office today to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients throughout Robertson County in their pursuits of compensation.

Injured in Car Accident?

Many times, resolving a case for trial or through settlement is just the beginning. It becomes necessary to negotiate with medical providers, health insurance companies, and to satisfy health insurance liens. Olson & Olson, PLC is experienced in this complicated area of the law and engages in significant practice areas, which provide assistance to our clients. An automobile collision, and resulting injury, can require the application of;

  • Law related to the liability for the accident occurrence.

  • Insurance law, including the injured party’s own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage provided by the injured parties’ insurance policy.

  • Understanding of health insurance law, HIPAA, and subrogation, related to the claims of health insurance companies.

  • Dealing with liens from Medicare, the United States government, TennCare and other entities.

  • In dealing with this area of the law, you need an experienced advocate on your side.

Limited Time

Olson & Olson, PLC wants to remind you that in Tennessee there is very limited time within which you can present a claim for personal injury. This law is referred to as the Statute of Limitations. We have been presented with many cases, which were just a few days too late for injured persons to recover the money they were entitled to receive, simply because they waited too long. Olson & Olson, PLC does not give advice regarding any Statute of Limitations until we have met with the individual, and understand the facts of each case. Please do not wait too long. If you've been in a car accident in Robertson County, contact our office in Clarksville, Tennessee, to start your path forward.