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Child Custody Attorneys in Clarksville, Tennessee

Child custody can involve initial child determinations made in a divorce, child determinations made between unmarried persons, and child custody matters which are changed after a Permanent Parenting Plan has been entered. Tennessee currently requires entry of a document called a Permanent Parenting Plan. The Permanent Parenting Plan is a comprehensive document that requires careful consideration of a number of factors, which must be carefully considered when establishing a residential plan for minor children. A Permanent Parenting Plan requires careful consideration of each of the factors required to formulate a successful agreement. The Permanent Parenting Plan establishes the time the children will be with each parent. The Permanent Parenting Plan establishes child support. Child support is set forth in the Permanent Parenting Plan. A Permanent Parenting Plan sets forth residential schedules, provides for health insurance for children, payment of uninsured health-related expenses of the children, life insurance on the parents, and gives significant notification to both parents of future rights and obligations.

The legal standards the Court must apply in an initial custody Order and a subsequent amendment of a custody Order differ significantly. Olson & Olson, PLC has significant experience with initial divorce actions and subsequent amendments to Permanent Parenting Plans. Life is not static. Factors change, and parents experience unexpected difficulties. When changes arise, you need an advocate who is experienced in changing Permanent Parenting Plans requirements stated Tennessee.

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