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Divorce Attorneys in Clarksville, Tennessee

Divorce is frequently unexpected. Many times the first question posed is “how are you paid.” We are happy to arrange payment terms with broad options for our clients. We want to help.

Divorce is a complex area, calling for an experienced negotiator, and when needed, an experienced divorce trial lawyer. Mark Olson has almost 30 years of experience litigating divorce cases.

Divorces can be agreed upon, called a no-fault or “irreconcilable differences” divorce, or can be contested. Contested divorces are the classic divorce trial.

The grounds for divorce and fault in the failure of the marriage, division of assets, division of complicated assets like retirements, 401(k)s, or military retirements, alimony, and the residential time children will spend with each parent requires experience. The emotional aspect of the divorce can be overwhelming, and during this emotional time, the client does not need to worry that their attorney is someone not experienced enough to handle the difficult problems presented in their divorce. Mark Olson has handled thousands of divorces, including divorces of serving military personnel, military spouses, young people with marriages of short duration, and persons who have extensive marriages, including some of more than 50 years.

A Brighter Future is Possible

Setting residential time, and establishing a Permanent Parenting Plan, for minor children, requires an attorney experienced in this practice area. Mark Olson has negotiated hundreds of Parenting Plans and has tried hundreds of cases involving the custody of minor children.

Important factors that go into each and every divorce, that must be considered include:

  1. The party who caused the divorce to fail. This can be important in alimony matters, and other facets of the divorce.

  2. The party who represents the best party to be the primary residential parent for the minor children.

  3. The value of assets that are brought into the marriage, and acquired by the parties during the marriage, and the division of those assets.

  4. The appropriate calculation of child support. This area is remarkably fluid and requires experience.

If you have questions regarding divorce, please contact our office. The initial consultation is free. Meeting with us is confidential.