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Termination of Parental Rights Attorneys in Clarksville, Tennessee

The Tennessee Constitution, and its interpretation by the Tennessee Supreme Court, recognizes the constitutional right of a parent to the society of their child. That right is not absolute, and when parents do not act in the best interest of the child, Tennessee law allows the termination of the parental rights of a natural parent, or an adoptive parent, when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the minor child. Termination of parental rights is a very harsh remedy, however, Tennessee statutes dealing with termination of parental rights provide specific guidance as to when and how the parental rights of a parent, not acting in the best interest of the child, may be undertaken.

Olson & Olson, PLC has a track record of success in terminating the parental rights of parents who have not acted in the best interest of the minor children, and in defeating termination of parental rights actions when the case is not appropriate. Olson & Olson, PLC has litigated both sides of the issue successfully.

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Termination of parental rights actions presents complex issues, however, the law looks carefully at whether or not the parent, whose rights are being terminated, has failed to do one of the following:

  • Visit with the minor child for a period of at least four months; and/or

  • Failed to provide meaningful support for the minor child

Readers should note that this is a simplification of the law, however, it provides some information to determine whether your fact situation would allow the termination of parental rights. Typically, the termination of parental rights takes place in association with adoption by a new parent.

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