Probate Law – Wills Administration

The death of a loved one is an emotional time.  The death of a loved one also brings about the need to address property matters, including the administration of the Will of the deceased in a timely manner, or the proper administration of the Estate where no Will is found.  Olson & Olson, PLC is dedicated to the timely administration of estates, and helping the remaining loved ones work through the property issues that are presented.

When a loved one has left behind a Last Will, Olson and Olson, PLC will work with you to quickly and accurately bring about the intended disposition of money and assets in real property, as directed by the Will.  Olson & Olson, PLC will guide you through the complex maze of filings, and assist you with securing tax advice, to help you deal with the complex problems presented by mistake.

When a loved one has died unexpectedly, without a will, that person is deemed to have died “intestate.” Intestate is simply a fancy word for “without a will.”  In that case, the law specifically provides the manner in which that distribution is to take place.  Olson & Olson, PLC is experienced in the administration of intestate estates and with the administration of Wills.  We would be pleased to be of help to you.